Household represents one’s immediate or extended family. It could also mean your friends or neighbors. It sometimes could mean the people closest to you who have e very information about you.

You cannot really hide your nakedness or secrets before your household relations. They know your strength, failure and successes. They know your prayers and sometimes your expectations.

Matthew. 10:36, Psalm. 41:9, Mark. 14:10, Luke 22:3, Gen. 4:8, Jeremiah 12:14, 9:8, Genesis 37:4-5, 20. 2 Samuel 15:13-14, 2 Samuel 17:1; 18:9.

Sometimes figuratively and literally they know the off and on button of your life. They are used to your habits, attitudes and character. They can easily predict you. Households mean those who are too familiar with you, households are people who have the history of your life, parents and family on their fingertips. They know and have heard of your great grand, grand-parents-parents even down to you. They know how and when your father and mother got married.

Sometimes they become a necessary evil that one cannot run away from. Familiars or households are the set of people, amidst other people’s respect of you, they make bold to call you by your pet name not minding how you feel about it.

Jesus tells us that a man’s enemy is usually from his household (family or familiars). Matthew 10:36. David in psalm 41:9 said something about familiars: Yea, mine own familiar friend, in whom I trusted, which did eat of my bread, hath lifted up his heel against me.” In the case of Cain and Abel, it was Cain who knows that Abel offered a better sacrifice, hence, Cain became envious and bitter-he killed Abel-household wickedness. Fear of being outshined, inferiority complex, and fear of being placed second or lower than other persons makes familiars to rise against one. Cain was so closed to Abel that he deceived Abel to follow him. It was there he killed his brother. Genesis 4:8.

It is very difficult for someone who does not know you very well to work against you and succeed. But on the contrary, it is very easy and catastrophic when someone who knows you, relate with you to work against you. The success rate of such attack usually 100% except by divine intervention. Also in the case of Joseph his brethren (household) hated him because he was loved by his father Jacob. Also because he had coat of many colors, his declaration of his dreams, destiny and future.

They almost killed him if not for Ruben. They had to sell him off as slave never to be seen, heard from or ever returning again. Household wickedness. Genesis 37:4-5.In the book of 2 Samuel 15, 17 and 18; we see an extreme case of household enemies – Absalom, the son of David sought to kill and overthrow the kingdom of his father. He turned the heart of people against David. He besought David’s friend and counsellor who almost succeeded in destroying David should his counsel be taken. David prayed God to turn such counsel to foolishness.

Finally, Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve disciples, who ate, sang, danced, healed, preached together with Jesus, handed Jesus over to his enemies by voluntary decision.

How does household enemies start?

  1. When you declare your dream or goal.
  2. When you exhibit sign of greatness.
  3. Through divination. When they make evil consultation and have a glimpse of your future.
  4. When people who knows your past but refuse to accept your present and future, enmity is borne.
  5. When you exercise faith, confidence in God instead of seeking their help (being at their mercy). Enmity is borne.
  6. When you move beyond your prediction line. I.e. if you achieve more or become more than is expected of you.
  7. When people begin to sing your praise as in   the case of Saul and David. 1Sam. 18:17.
  8. When you refuse to work in their counsel which is against your goals or belief.
  9. When you are supporting materially or financially people who think they are supposed to be the one helping you, if necessary.
  10. When you are firstly blessed with what they have been expecting for themselves. I.e. If you first got married, kids, got job, promoted etc. before your siblings (especially, your elderly siblings) and friends, envy and hatred is borne automatically. It could be open or concealed in their hearts.

Some important notes about household enemies.

  1. They are most difficult enemies to deal with because they are somehow related to you by blood, marriage and family.
  2. We have strong emotional ties with them.
  3. We will always meet with them unlike friends we may change whenever we feel like it. You cannot change family members.
  4. They had at one time supported us or helped us.
  5. They are the closest to us hence, can be a powerful weapon in the hands of the enemy to harm us especially if they are not deeply rooted in Christ and his love.

Manifestation of household enemies.

  1. Yourself. Most a times, we are our own household enemies because we are from house hold.
  2. Father, mother, sister, brother, uncle, aunts, niece, nephew, cousins, in-laws, grand or great grand-parents, kinsmen and women, a close friend, fellow colleague in the office or school, neighbors, boss, wife or husband, one’s child.

In the case of Abel, it was Cain. Joseph is brothers, Jacob his in-law Laban. Job his wife, Abraham his cousin, David his son Absalom and Ahithophel. Paul was Alexander the blacksmith. 2tim. 4:10; 14, Demas and his countrymen. 2cor. 11:24. Jesus was Judas Iscariot. God Jehovah was Satan his Arch angel.

Most house hold wickedness operates with satanic power and diabolism to cause – insanity, failure, childlessness, poverty, accident, death, delay, hardship, discord, disease and sickness. When we are told of household wickedness, we sometimes react in unbelief and skeptism. We think it is not possible. Sometimes, household wickedness and enemies could manifest in masked form making it difficult to discern their true identity, work and form.

Steps to Overcoming Household Wickedness

  1. Make sure you are not your own enemy because you are also part of the household (a family).
  2. Make sure you are born again and made peace with God.
  3. Ask God for revelation about your life and expose any person or power behind your problems.
  4. When you get the revelation, ask God for intricate wisdom to handle the revelation and your relationship with the newly discovered enemy.
  5. Stop revealing your future plans and intentions to them.
  6. Ask God to deliver you and fight for you.
  7. Destroy their sources of power.
  8. Destabilize their Alters, priests and evil sacrifice.
  9. Ask God to turn their wisdom and counsel into foolishness.
  10. Ask God to return whatever they have done against you.
  11. Remove their curses and manipulations.
  12. Do not give to pressure in anything you do not want to do by anybody related to you in your family.
  13. Raise a lamentation against their Alters and assignments.


  1. More grace to u in Jesus name.i am 28 yrs suffering from an illness i dont knw de name.i am also sufering frm set bck.i am a siner but i love God.i see myself doin wat i dont wish for.my life now is up and down. I ve achived no goal yet in my life.all my family is on thesame spot, no one is above anoda.we are all sufering. I am de last child of 4grls 3boys.sir the illness am sufering for can not be detected amd its same ilness my father ve.all my body shaking like an old man and my joints are stiff.smetimes i fell like comiting succide and jst forget my sorow.i was deported from the country i went tocpursue

    1. Emmanuel Efosa Edilson
      God bless you, you need serious spiritual investigation into your matter. Could you please try and reach me on my emai;:miisrael@yahoo.com send me your pix, full details of your problem, your country, state, home town and family name.
      Jesus is ever ready to deliver you in Jesus name!
      looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Thanks alot, this will go a long way to help. How about confronting them with hostility and aggression? Will it overcome to worsen the situation?

    1. Beloved, God bless you, Ask God for more wisdom. Sometimes, confrontation may not be the best option. You need to sought it out in prayers and establish that you are being attacked from your household. if you confirm that you are being attacked from your household it could be foundational i.e the practices and spiritual inheritance from your fore parents. If you also establish that a particular person is attacking you. Try and avoid contact, information exchange, eating and sleeping in the same room or bed with the person. If it is somebody you cannot easily avoid, always appear and respond formally with the person and pray more.
      God bless you
      Pst.MI ISRAEL
      join me on face book:facebook.com/pastormiisrael

  3. Please explain this dream to me if you can.I had a dream i was mopping the home I grew up in.That is my aunt home.when i looked in her bedroom it was so dark.My uncle was esleep.My aunt was standing there in her under garments getting dressed.I walked into the room and open the blinds to bring light into the room before she finish dressing.Then I left the room and brought a big floor lamp into the room and put it on. I had this dream recently fasting.It sounds like my aunt needs to get exposed for her darkness, and I am the one God is going to use to do it? I though it was only my mother and sister that was against my life it looks like my aunt is dirty as well. God has already revealed two household enemies to me but it looks like there is more.The dream had to many symbols not to be a revelation.Mopping, darkness, sleeping, covering nakedess, opening curtains and bringing in light while trying to cover nakedness in the dark , bedroom, bringing in a floor lamp more light.I just want to know if I am right.

    1. Jennifer, God bless you. we need to run a spiritual profile on you. Send me your personaland family story.Everything you know and circumstancs you ‘ve been thru. your age, sex, tribe, location, state and academiclevel. you could also include your church and sprirtual background. There are forces beyond your control you need to break totally free from. Looking forward to hearing from you. God bless you.
      Pastor M.I. Israel e-mail: miisrael@yahoo.com

  4. hello sir am austin and pls I need ur help. I really dont knw whats happening to me. I hav be suffering since I was a kid wit lots of disappointment and failure. I am 33 yrs old and still not married. every business I lay my hands always ends up crumbling pls sir what can I do to fix this?

    1. Hello Austin, God bless you. Your case is quite simple. Do what God wants you to do and you’ll be alright. When we obey God, every other thing obeys us!
      Family powers and alters needed to be addressed.Covenant and spell of backwardness and failure in your family line need to be broken. FAst for two weeks 6am-6pm each of the end of the week do one day dry fasting. i.e fast 5-6 for 6 days on the 7th dAY GO DRY REPEAT SAME FOR THE SECOND WEEK.
      First of all, you must be born again by repenting of your sinful ways and turning your life over to Jesus! You need a higher power to fight your battles and end your struggles and that person is JESUS!!! THEN pray this way:
      1:Prayer of thanks giving and praise unto God
      2.Pray this prayer, my father forgive me and show me mercy on me and my family line.
      3. Blood of Jesus intervene on my behalf and silence every alter and blood speaking against me.
      4. Enchantment and manipulation from the moon and heavenlies speaking against my destiny crumble.
      5.Blood of Jesus purify my foundation and every channel of my destiny.
      6. I break the power of occult, marine and witchcraft bewitchment working against my star and destiny
      7. Powers from my father and mothers house realease me by force and let me go!
      8. Oh Lord direct my life and order my steps to obey you.
      9. Open my ways father, with your mercies and favour
      When you are through with this prayer send me a text to pray for you> I will now tell you when to call me. Before you start this prayer, tell me your full names and where you are connecting from and also your tribe and what you do for a living. God bless you. you will soon testify!!! +234(0)7061298081

  5. This is the best reading u ever read the first of 2018 i wonted to jump out my bed and run this mess of evil was attack me 2 days before New Year think you jesus for exposing my true friend

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