All things are possible

We serve a God of possibilities. There is nothing the Lord cannot do. There is no problem He cannot solve. There is no sickness He cannot heal. There is no situation He cannot change. In the book of Exodus, God revealed the children of Israel out of bondage after spending 430 years in bondage in the hands of their task masters.

References: Jeremiah 32:17, Luke 1:37, Mark 11:22-24, Luke 18:27

No situation is totally hopeless. God parted the red sea and made a way for the Israelites. God can deliver you from the evil conspiracies of evil men, neighbors, colleagues, household enemies. In 2 Samuel 16:20-23, 17:23, God delivered David from the hands of a wicked unrepentant son. 2 Sam 18:9-18. In 2 Kings 6:1-7, the power of God via Elisha floated an axe on water which is impossible. God made it possible. In 2 Kings 6:8-20, Men who came to kill Elijah were stricken with blindness.

I don’t know the battle you are into, I don’t know who is against you, believe the word of God now – Deliverance has come – receive it! With God all things are possible.

In the book Ruth, Elimelech the husband of Naomi had two sons Mahlon and Chilion; they suffered during a famine in the land. The suffering continued that Mahlon and his two sons died leaving their wives Ruth ad Orpah. Ruth sticks to Naomi while Orpah gave up and departed. Orpah had a genuine reason to give up and left, the situation was so bad. No money, no food, no husband. What is she stating back for? Ruth knew all these and knew that even though she could not help herself, only God could.

You can be happy again. You can enjoy your health, marriage again. Only believe! Ruth later got married to a man that redeemed her – Boaz.

The doors of opportunity cannot close on you when you rely on God. In 1 Sam 1:1 Hannah had no child. To add salt to injury, her rival and co-wives were mocking and provoking her because of her problem. May be I am talking to someone with these kind of situation. Your situation is about to change in Jesus name Amen. Until you are mocked you cannot be made. God can turn your insult and mockery into promotion. God gave Hannah child – Samuel. The child became a great prophet. That is the finger of God. Your miracle will come with supernatural intimidation.

In the book of Job, Satan sought to destroy all the wealth and health of Job. Everything job worked had worked and lived for were destroyed in seconds, in a day. Life became worthless for him. His wife and friends instead of being supportive began to accuse and blame him for his misfortune.

I don’t know who is blaming you for your problem – God is about to change your story if you believe. God latter restored Job’s life – He gained double and had more than he had before. Job’s daughters became the most beautiful women in the land.

According to Psalm 3 in spite of those who rise up against you, mock and abuse you, God has promised to be a shield for you, your glory and the lifter of your head. It does not matter if ten thousands of people rise up against you, they shall not prevail over you. Psalm 91 is full of God’s promises of security, protection from forces of evil and Satan.

Psalm 34:17 when the righteous cries, God hear and deliver. Don’t stop crying unto the Lord till He delivers you.

In the book of Esther, God raised a very poor girl who was raised by her uncle Modecai. She became queen, but before she was chosen, someone, Vashti the former queen need to make a mistake. The Jews, a minority group in a strange land, were given a voice due to the power of God via Esther. Haman had planned to waste all the Jews on a set date – Esther fasted and prayed and sought the King’s presence. God worked wonders; Modecai that Haman planned to hang because he does not worship him was remembered by the king and honored. This is God’s power at work. Haman later hung himself in the gallows, he prepared for Modecai – that is God at work. Your enemy will suffer in your place.

In Esther 7 and 8, the evil of Haman against the Jews was averted. Haman dies. Queen Esther inherited the house and property of her enemy – Haman. From today, you shall possess the gates of your enemies. You shall eat the wealth of gentiles; you shall possess the house and wealth of your enemies in Jesus name.

In Ezekiel 37 There were only dry bones, disintegrated, disconnected and scattered all over. There was no life in them. It was a hopeless situation; a forgotten issue; a total write off. But God brought hope, life and glory back to bones that they became a living, vast army. I see God bringing back life back to your situation. Only believe with God all things are possible!

Jeremiah 32:17 – nothing is too hard for God. Let’s choose to believe God today. Let’s have faith in God. We have tried and failed, why don’t we give God a chance to help us. Faith comes from hearing the word of God. As you have heard today, believe. What does it mean to believe? It means to remove ‘you’ from the picture and put God there. Believing and agreeing with what God says about himself, his creation and your situation. Believing that there are certain things you cannot change or do but God Almighty is better, wiser and stronger than you, He alone can do it.

In Daniel 3:8-25 the three Hebrew boys Shedrach, Mishack and Abedenego disobeyed the king. Everyone had bowed down to the statue, except them. The furnace was already heated but because of them it was reheated seven (7) times. Their case was pathetic and hopeless. Nobody was able to help them because people that should have helped had already bowed down to the statue and were already filled with fear already. The boys stood their ground and God delivered them even in the midst of the fire. Jesus shew up! Can you stand your ground in faith with God. Refuse to be moved, Jesus will show up in your situation.

In Luke 1, Elizabeth and Zachariah had no child, there were so old to bear a child but God remembered them. Also Sarah in Genesis took in at the age of 90. In Luke 1:26-37. Mary, a virgin was to bear a child (the savior) without sleeping with any man. God made it possible.

In Luke 8:40 – the women of issue of blood spent all her money on doctors and became poor, yet her problem was not solved – Jesus healed her.

Jairus daughter was raised from the dead. With God all things are possible.

In Luke 6:17-19 – Jesus healed and delivered all that were sick. God can heal that your sickness if you believe today.

Steps to the realm of possibilities:

  1. Have faith in God
  2. Stand in faith with God
  3. Forget your problems and focus on God.
  4. Picture what you want via the eyes of faith
  5. Cry unto God, confess his word tell him you believe, tell him, tell him what you want.
  6. Believe you receive it from him
  7. Start thanking him
  8. Expect and testify

Alter Call:

If you have not given your life to Jesus, this is a good opportunity for you to do so. Repent of your sins believe in Jesus and confess him now as your Lord and savior. Say “Dear Lord Jesus, I believe in my heart that you came and died for my sinsand was raised on the third day by God. I therefore confess with my mouth that you are my Lord and savior. Please forgive and wash me with your blood. I receive your offer of grace and receive eternal life in my spirit. Thank you Jesus for making me the righteousness of God!”

Rev’d MI Israel is a teacher of the word, writer, blogger, entrepreneur, Agricultural Economist, father and husband. He is also the president and Founder of Bethelspring International Christian Center (BICC). I ‘d love to help you become your best. Web:,

He is called by God to bring positive change into the lives of God’s people via preaching of the gospel in simple and clear terms, undiluted in righteousness. He is blessed with God’s divine wisdom and counsel.

The rich combination of his simplicity in heart, audacity and firmness in his carriage, vision and ambition gives him an edge in good servant-leadership. The impact of his ministry is felt by those who are connected to his ministry. As a growing ministry he oversees, He is determined to take the world for Christ through community service, and the work of the ministry.

He is happily married to Pastor (Mrs.) Grace Israel. A woman of substance, grace and virtue. They are currently blessed with two lovely sons, David and Michael.

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