Atmosphere of the Supernatural-The Mighty Jesus

Acts 10:38 – God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, He went about doing good. Jesus is the son of God, the only begotten of the father John 3:16. He was anointed with God’s power and the Holy Spirit. Jesus is a good man. He had compassion on people. He cares, He loves, He feels what you are feeling. A time came that Jesus had to weep. According to Acts 10:38, Jesus went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed by the devil, for God was with him. The bible did not say that He healed some, but all. It does not matter what situation you find yourself in, Jesus us here to deliver you from all of it. Jesus declared that the spirit of God is upon him, because God has anointed him to preach the good tidings to the poor.

Who is God? God is the creator of the heavens and the earth. We are talking about the Almighty God. There are so many gods, idols, deities but He is the greatest and only true God. His name is Jehovah, Elohim; He is the father of our Lord Jesus and the Landlord of the universe Psalm. 24:1 tells us that the earth is of the Lord and the fullness thereof. Jesus was anointed to preach the good news, the message of comfort, hope to the poor. Who are the poor? They are people rejected by men or the society. The down trodden. The hopeless; the widows, the orphans, the helpless, the needy, people heavy laden with problems. The less privileged, the economically deprived of the world.

Jesus was also sent to HEAL the broken hearted – those in sorrows, depression, anguish, pain and heavy in heart. Those who have been abandoned, rejected, or disappointed and crushed by men, Satan and problems.

He came to proclaim liberty on the captive and open the prison gate to those who are bond. He came to set free those who are kept in prisons by Satan. The prison of sin, wickedness, unrighteousness, rebellion and disobedience, sickness affliction, burden, those in chains, those afflicted by demons from shrines, charm, sorcery and voodoos.

Jesus came to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord and the day of God’s judgment. John 3:16, says whosoever believes in Jesus will not perish but have everlasting life. Verse 17 says whoever does not believe is already condemned. Romans 8:1 – No condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Jesus did not just come to heal and deliver you for nothing. He wants you to be reconciled to his father God (Jehovah) by repenting of your sins and serving God in truth and spirit. That’s why he heals, delivers, saves and answers you as a sign that he loves and cares for you.

Jesus came to warn and remind us of the dangers of rejecting God and the imminent vengeance and judgment coming on the world for the destruction of sinners and disobedient that refused to repent of their sins.

Jesus came to comfort those in mourning; to give them beauty in replacement of their ashes. Oil of joy in place of mourning and  garment of praise in the place of the spirit of heaviness. That you might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that God alone might be glorified in your life.

According to Isaiah 11, Jesus is from the root of David and rod from the stem of Jesse. Jesse is the father of David and David was a man after God’s heart. Jesus is the son of David. The scripture tells us that the spirit of God rests on Jesus; spirit of wisdom and understanding, counsel and might. Jesus’ has might.  He is a mighty God. Also the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of God was upon Jesus. Verse 3, 4 and 5 talked about his judgment and his righteousness.

Jesus is a miracle worker. Jesus is a problem solver. 1 peter 5:7 tells us to cast all our cares upon God for He cares for you. Mark 9:23, Mark 10:27. All things are possible. In Matt 8:2-4, Jesus heals the leprosy man, in Matt 8:5-13, Jesus heals the centurion’s servant. In chapter 8 of Matthew vs. 14-15, Jesus heals Peter’s mother-in-law. Jesus also healed the mad man in Gadara.

In chapter 9:2-7, He healed the paralyzed man: what of the woman with issue of blood? Jesus healed her. Jesus healed the blind man. He healed the man with a paralyzed hand. Jesus healed the boy possessed with demons in Matt 17:14-21.

Jesus healed blind Bartimeus in Matt 8:23-27. He stilled the ranging storm. Chapter 14:22-23.

Jesus walked on water in chapter 14:13-21

Jesus fed 5,000 in chapter in chapter 5:32-35

Jesus fed 4,000

In 17:24-27 – He created money from in the mouth of fish. He withered the fig tree in chapter 21:18-22. He turned water to wine in John 2:1-4. He made the disciple catch large number of fish after toiling all night in vain in Luke 5:4-11.

Jesus also used his servants to accomplish mighty works i.e. the apostles in Acts 3:6-9. Peter healed the lame. Acts 5:1-10 Ananias and Sapphire died for lying to the Holy Ghost.

Acts 9:17-18 Saul received his sight, Acts 9:33-35, Aneneah was healed, Acts 9:36-41 Dorcas was raised from death. Acts 14:8-10 lame man cured by Paul, 16-18 demon cast out of a girl. Acts 20:9-10 – Eutychus was raised from death.

In Acts 28:3-5 – Paul was unharmed by a viper. Acts 25:7-9 – Pubilu’s father was healed. With all these chronicles of testimonies of mighty Jesus, it is evident that He is capable of changing your life if you believe. You must believe in the name of Jesus. All things are possible to him that believes. Mark 9:23, Mark 10:27: With God all things are possible.

Alter Call:

If you have not given your life to Jesus, this is a good opportunity for you to do so. Repent of your sins believe in Jesus and confess him now as your Lord and savior. Say “Dear Lord Jesus, I believe in my heart that you came and died for my sins and was raised on the third day by God. I therefore confess with my mouth that you are my Lord and savior. Please forgive and wash me with your blood. I receive your offer of grace and receive eternal life in my spirit. Thank you Jesus for making me the righteousness of God!”

Rev’d MI Israel is a teacher of the word, writer, blogger, entrepreneur, Agricultural Economist, father and husband. He is also the president and Founder of Bethelspring International Christian Center (BICC). I ‘d love to help you become your best. Web:,

He is called by God to bring positive change into the lives of God’s people via preaching of the gospel in simple and clear terms, undiluted in righteousness. He is blessed with God’s divine wisdom and counsel.

The rich combination of his simplicity in heart, audacity and firmness in his carriage, vision and ambition gives him an edge in good servant-leadership. The impact of his ministry is felt by those who are connected to his ministry. As a growing ministry he oversees, He is determined to take the world for Christ through community service, and the work of the ministry.

He is happily married to Pastor (Mrs.) Grace Israel. A woman of substance, grace and virtue. They are currently blessed with two lovely sons, David and Michael.

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