You are born for greatness

God created you in his own image and likeness. You have the capacity to think, behave, and walk like God your father, because his seed, his image is in you. God is a great God and because he is your father, you too are great.

References: Jeremiah 1:5, Jeremiah 29:11, Genesis 1:27-29

There is a purpose and a reason God created you. You are not an accident. You have value. You are not a mass production. God uniquely made you with several peculiarities. You are expensive; you are God’s priced possession. If not, God would not have taken the pain to sacrifice his only begotten son, just to reach you. Just to have you back to him.

  • You were born to be a blessing to someone else. To bring hope and smiles upon their faces. God’s thought for you is of good. Jeremiah knew his purpose for God says so.
  • Your greatness is only achievable through God your manufacturer.
  • God does not raise failures, mediocrity or lazy people. He does not raise foolish people. All of God’s kids walk in wisdom because its pre-programmed in their DNA already! Because every child is suppose to resemble the father since the seed of the father is in him.

God is a creator; His sons are supposed to be creators too. God created to make life easy for others. To make the world a better place…in the beginning God created…

What have you created in the beginning of your life what are you creating. Everything you use from your phones, clothes, shoes, car, home, chairs, buses, , ATM machines, typewriter, internet, whatsapp, plates, spoon, eye glass, pot, kettle, stove, gas were all created by someone to make life better for you.

What have you done to make life better for others or are you considered a destroyer or enemy of progress towards others. How have you made life easier for others as a landlord, tenant, student, lecturer, pastor, employer, employee, business men, parents, guardian, children, architect, engineer, doctor, accountant, teacher, designer, lawyer?

The value of life is measured by donation, not duration. There is something great God has deposited in you to change your world. Jesus came for a purpose – to save the world.

It is what is inside a man that makes a man. It is not the place (environment) that makes a man, but the men that makes a place. The value of coca cola is not in the packaging, format or container but in the content.

Packaging without virtue is a fraud. It is what is inside of you that will color, beautify and package your personality.

Characteristics of Kingdom great men

  1. They think differently; they think positively in terms of what God can do.
  2. They confess in faith in light of what God has provided.
  3. They avoid procrastination. Procrastination is a destiny killer. They have overcome indecision and laziness.
  4. They are fast learners. They learn to learn until they have learnt. They seek knowledge for knowledge is power. They value knowledge.
  5. They are applicators. They apply all they have positively seen, learnt and heard. They practice what they have been taught. Perfect practice prevents poor performance. Nothing moves until you move it. You are declared lucky when preparations meet with opportunity.
  6. They take decision by considering every available option.
  7. They are risk takers. Nothing moves until you apply the force of determination.
  8. They are determined. Nothing pulls them down.
  9. They manage their time/fears
  10. They avoid negative influences
  11. They have excellent spirit. They excel at what they do by putting in their best each time.
  12. They expect to see positive results.
  13. They are people of unquestionable character.
  14. They build relationships both with God and men.
  15. They are courageous and firm.
  16. They are humble.
  17. They use their gift to bless and influence others.

They are people of faith who believe in God.

It is of a paramount importance for you to agree with God on what already had been freely given and provided for you. God’s seed is in you. You are the king’s kid. Instead of beating yourself up over issues that are not important regarding your future, rise up with confidence that God has made you great to achieve everything you wish. You must believe in the word of God and his promises for your life. If you don’t believe YOU, nobody will believe YOU including God.

Alter Call:

If you have not given your life to Jesus, this is a good opportunity for you to do so. Repent of your sins believe in Jesus and confess him now as your Lord and savior. Say “Dear Lord Jesus, I believe in my heart that you came and died for my sins and was raised on the third day by God. I therefore confess with my mouth that you are my Lord and savior. Please forgive and wash me with your blood. I receive your offer of grace and receive eternal life in my spirit. Thank you Jesus for making me the righteousness of God!”


Rev’d MI Israel is a teacher of the word, writer, blogger, entrepreneur, Agricultural Economist, father and husband. He is also the president and Founder of Bethelspring International Christian Center (BICC). I ‘d love to help you become your best. Web:,

He is called by God to bring positive change into the lives of God’s people via preaching of the gospel in simple and clear terms, undiluted in righteousness. He is blessed with God’s divine wisdom and counsel.

The rich combination of his simplicity in heart, audacity and firmness in his carriage, vision and ambition gives him an edge in good servant-leadership. The impact of his ministry is felt by those who are connected to his ministry. As a growing ministry he oversees, He is determined to take the world for Christ through community service, and the work of the ministry.

He is happily married to Pastor (Mrs.) Grace Israel. A woman of substance, grace and virtue. They are currently blessed with two lovely sons, David and Michael.

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