Partner with us today!

Thank you for choosing to support our ministry!

Calvary greetings Beloved Christian faithful,

With exceeding Joy and gladness of heart, we bring you greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ who had redeemed us from sin, Satan and the world into a life of righteousness, freedom and victory. We trust God that you are getting along well in life, while abounding in love, faith and increasing in all zeal, wisdom, grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ who is coming again.

In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we beseech you beloved, to support us financially so that the work of God does not suffer an unwarranted setback. Granted, the gospel is free, but the means of transmitting this holy gospel has continued to incur enormous cost for which no one individual can shoulder alone.

This informed our decision to contact you based on your love for the gospel, to avail you opportunity to be a blessing to this vision with an anticipation of a reciprocal blessing from the LORD.

Your financial support will help us complete our building project and also organize programs, crusades and revivals that will help depopulate the kingdom of Satan and turn men, women and children over to Christ. Your financial support is more crucial in times as this than ever, as our ministry is in its nascent and evolving stage.

Think about the souls that will be blessed when you empower us through the wealth God has endowed you with. We see you as an instrument in the mighty hands of God going about the counsel of the Lord in fulfillment of the great commission via your financial seed.

We may not know what you have been through, inspite of any; your seed shall speak volumes for you and grant you an unprecedented breakthrough and miracle harvest.

Please, to give your financial support, you can do so by giving us physical cash, or  making online fund transfer, or by raising a bank draft or check in favor of:

Name: Bethelspring Int’l Christian Centre,

Bank: Ecobank Plc.

Account Number:  5083063859

Log on to:   to learn more about our ministry.

Please find below, estimated price list of needs in our church in Nigerian Currency (NAIRA):

*Mixer amplifier             * Wharfdale amplifiers   * Yamaha keyboards         *Complete drum sets;

*Wireless microphones and microphone stands

*Wharfdale “2 in1″Foreign speakers;

*9’ pieces of ceiling fan;        

  *Printing of handbills and 100,000 gospel tracts

*Air conditioners

*New or used clothing and foot wears for mission and evangelical work.

*Generator plants

*Armless-white plastic chairs etc.

*Bass and lead guitars.

*Tenor saxophones.

In addition to your decision to support us now, should you be further led to continually or support our ministry consecutively for 3, 6, or 12 months or more, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Please call this no. +234(0)8058835007 to let us know how you would like to send your support. Also remember to call or text us to let us know of your support, should you opt for online transfer, draft or check. This will enable us thank you appropriately.

Thank you for your continued support. We shall continue praying for you till you break forth.

Yours in his vineyard,

Rev’d. MI Israel&First lady Grace

Once again, Please support and partner with  us today by transferring funds online or raising a check or bank draft or paying in cash into:


Account No.: 5083063859

Bank: Eco Bank Plc.

Reach out and call us today!


God bless you.


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