Praise Report

Revelation 12:11: “And they overcame him by the blood  of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony…”

  • The lord healed me and saved my son’s life

I want to thank God for healing me of an injury and pain inside my throat. My pastor, Pastor MI Israel visited me and prayed for me last week Sunday morning. Although I could not go to church because of the excruciating pain, few hours later, I felt like something was removed from my neck. I’m healed and free. Thank God!    I appreciate the Lord for delivering my husband from several arm robber attack and for his continuous support for our family.  I also thank God for delivering and healing my son after he fell down from a high pavement. Few days later, blood was coming out of his nostrils, we had to rush him to the hospital. Today he is whole by the power of God.   Sis. Oluchi. G

  • Healing,deliverance and direction

I want to thank God for bringing me into this ministry. I thank God for delivering me from a relationship that would have ruined my destiny. I want to thank God for healing me of chest pain during one of our Friday prayer program.  I also want to thank God for healing me of the constant painful menstruation, that had troubled me for long. In one of the services, Pastor asked us to lay hands on our stomach and pray for healing and restoration of our reproductive health. I obeyed and prayed. Lo and behold, during my recent cycle, i felt as if nothing was happening. I’m free from pains. Praise the Lord!  Sis. Lily O.

  • Trouble averted by the power of the Holy Spirit

Thank God for saving my life by making me born again. I used to be a fighter and ready for trouble of any sort. Although I do not look for people’s trouble, but when they offend me, it culminates to total war. Recently,  I was looking for one of my phones and later found out that one of my neighbors stole it and sold it to some one I found it on. In the course of investigation, trouble broke out and I was ready to break somebody’s head and ready to go to police. Thank God who gave me the power to overcome and control my self. Everything has been resolved and no one got hurt. Praise Jesus! Bro. Pius K.

  • Miracle Job, deliverance and healing

God gave me a miracle Job in February 2014 and last week in this month of August, God delivered us from Fire incidence in  our flat residence. We stay on the 6th flat in a two storey building. I boiled water  for my husband to have his bath, and as my baby disturbed in the midnight, I left the kitchen for the room to attend to him. Incidentally I slept off.So did my husband because he was very tired. Thank God for waking my husband around 1 am. He noticed something was burning. Straight ahead he went to the kitchen, the kettle was burning on the stove and all the water in it had dried up. Thank God for his help in spite of my mistake. Thank god for delivering and healing our son From Demonic attack of sickness. He’s whole. Praise God! Sis Grace I.



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